PhotoVoice - Let the Lens be Your Voice!

Factories can feel like cold, impersonal places that merely provide a source of income. This disconnect between factories and their workforce can have a negative impact on all involved parties. The Photovoice parent tool gives factories a chance to positively engage with their workers by giving them the opportunity to express and share stories through the medium of photography. Participants learn basic photography skills and are given a camera, which they use off work and during their home leaves to capture aspects of their lives as parents and workers. From the frontline worker who only sees her children once a year to the electronics manufacturing worker whose daughter reads her stories at night, Photovoice is a fun and engaging tool that allows factories to show they care while at the same time enriching workers’ lives with a new, creative skill.

The tool aims to:

  • Allow factories to show that they care and understand the challenges faced by workers, especially the challenge of balancing life as a parent and worker
  • Provide parent workers with an accessible medium to share stories about their children
  • Train less-educated workers to use photography as a means of expression and communication. Many workers find it difficult to express themselves through spoken or written word, posing a challenge in parent-child relationships
  • Improve workers’ communication skills and encourage creativity

See an example of PhotoVoice below! 

Information about our in-factory parenting trainings can be found here.