Webinar: Supply Chain Solutions to China's Left-Behind Children Problem

Millions of children in rural China grow up without one or both of their parents present in their day-to-day lives. These so-called “left-behind children” stay behind in rural communities in China whilst their parents move to large cities and industrial zones in search of work. This separation can put a significant strain on relationships, negatively impact children’s development, and has serious consequences on workers' well-being. This separation can also negatively impact factories' operations, with high turnover rates very common among migrant parent workers.


When: Thurs, March 9, 2017
Time: 9am (New York), 2pm (London), 10pm (Hong Kong)
Duration 1 hour
Registration: GotoWebinar

This webinar takes an exclusive look at two worker well-being programs by CCR CSR and implemented by ICTI CARE to support domestic migrant toy workers with left-behind children in China: 

  1. Factory Child Friendly Spaces (a.k.a. Family-Friendly Factory Spaces) reunite domestic migrant toy factory workers with their left-behind children. The spaces create safe environments – away from the factory floor – for children to learn and play whilst their parents work.
  2. Migrant Parents Training sessions are equipping workers with practical tools to lessen the burden of toy workers’ separation from their children.

For this webinar, CCR CSR will join ICTI CARE and two speakers from toy factories in China: Eddie Yeung, Quality Director, Best Top Toy Factory and Tracy Huang, First Union, Compliance Department who will share their experiences of participating in ICTI CARE’s Left-Behind Children pilots.

At the end of the Left-Behind Children webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn more about China’s left-behind children problem
  • Understand how supply chain solutions can help address the issue
  • Hear how ICTI CARE’s left-behind children pilots have delivered benefits for workers, children, and factories
  • Discover how your company can get involved 

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Robertson, Director – Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Ines Kaempfer, Executive Director, CCR CSR
  • Eddie Yeung, Quality Director, Best Top Toy Factory
  • Tracy Huang, Compliance Department, First Union

Webinar outline:

  • Left-Behind Children in China: Why is this a supply chain issue?
  • Introduction to ICTI CARE’s Left-Behind Children Pilots
  • Reflections from participating toy factories
  • Impacts on worker well-being and business benefits
  • Q&A session


Thursday, March 9, 2017