Channel NewsAsia Report on Left-Behind Children - Business can do a lot to Support Them

“We can see in certain areas that it already now makes a difference just in the first year that those interim regulations are being implemented, so we do think that these numbers will come down, but we have to see that the numbers are huge. So even if they come down by 20 million, we still have 40 million of left-behind children, so I do think this is an issue that will stay with China for a while, and just needs special attention.” Ines Kaempfer, Executive Director, CCR CSR

CCR CSR was recently invited to speak about China's left-behind children on Channel NewsAsia. The report examines some of the underlying reasons behind the huge numbers of left-behind children (approx. 62 million) and the negative impact the separation has on them. See the full article and video here

CCR CSR works directly with businesses to help them support migrant parent workers with left-behind children through face-to-face training programs in factories and more innovative tools including a WeChat eLearning platform.

Although there is no easy solution to eradicating the issue of left-behind children, business can play an important role in supporting migrant workers and their families. Another initiative that CCR CSR launched this year is Factory Child Friendly Spaces, which as the name suggests, are safe places within the factory where the children of workers can stay during the summer holidays while their parents work. We implemented these spaces in six factories this summer and the change has been extremely positive and encouraging. 

"This is a very good project. We needed such projects for the satisfaction of our workers. We did this summer program this year and also hired professional teachers to help. The parents were very happy, especially when they saw the progress their children made during the summer. I believe that the impact is a long term one and a win-win to all parties involved," said one general manager of a factory participating in the Factory Child Friendly Spaces program this summer. For more stories on the difference these spaces have made, please read our factory blogs.

If you would like to know more about how your business can support migrant parent workers and left-behind children, contact us!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016