CCR CSR Launches Child Labor Remediation Resource Platform; Free for Working Group Members

Following on from the launch of our report "Best Response: Auditors' Insights on Child Labor in Asia", which identified key challenges and shortcomings in current child labor remediation practices as experienced by auditors, CCR CSR has developed a Child Labor Remediation Resource Platform that gives auditors, factory management and service providers access to local information needed for carrying out a successful remediation case.

With child labor still prevalent in supply chains in China (64% of all auditors surveyed by CCR CSR encountered suspected child labor cases in the past two years and 82% of those cases were confirmed), and with very few guidelines in place on how to incorporate the best interest of the child into a remediation plan, CCR CSR's CLR Resource Platform fills a crucial void. What's more, there are currently an estimated 8-10 million student workers undergoing vocational training in factories in China. Many of these have not reached the legal working age of 16, nor are employees aware of the special regulations governing this vulnerable group. High middle school drop-out rates in rural areas and the huge number of left-behind children (61 million according to the latest official figures) further increase the occurrence of child labor in supply chains.

What does the CLR platform include?

In China, regulations related to child labor and young workers vary from province to province and city to city. The platform provides legal information spanning three tiers – national, provincial and municipal level – covering a growing number of provinces (our database in continually expanding; 8 major provinces are covered to date). Information on vocational schools, service providers and the local education system is also available for each city currently covered by the database.

What povinces are currently covered?

The colored provinces currently have information available. More provinces will be added to the database over the coming months.

How can I access it and is it free?

The platform is free for all CCR CSR Hong Kong Youth Development Working Group members and Virtual Youth Development Working Group members. CCR CSR's Working Groups are a platform for sharing best practices and finding potential solutions to issues and challenges in the supply chain. The group is a membership network consisting of corporations with suppliers based in China and South East Asia who are dedicated to finding ways to uphold the rights of children and young persons. To learn more about our Working Groups and how you can become a member, please click here.

To browse the Child Labor Remediation Platform, click here

Tuesday, October 25, 2016