BBC World News: Watch CCR CSR's Executive Director Discuss China's Left-Behind Children

On April 12, BBC World News invited CCR CSR's Executive Director Ines Kaempfer to discuss the issue of China's left-behind children live from their Hong Kong studio. The recent increased attention by international media on the issue of left-behind children comes on the heels of a new government initiative to conduct a nationwide census to determine the exact number of children separated from their parents. The census is part of a wider movement to consolidate a new set of guidelines on the protection of these children.

Of the estimated 61 million children left-behind in China, an estimated 2 million are left to fend for themselves without any adult supervision whatsoever. During the BBC World News interview, Ines outlined some of the negative effects of long-term separation on left-behind children, as demonstrated in recent studies and reports. These include lower self-esteem, uncertainties and hopelessness about the future, difficulties forming relationships later in life etc.

Ines also touched upon government incentives to allow more parents and children to live together, including the reforms to the Hukou system, and also on the challenges that parents face in bringing their children with them to their place of work and the measures that the private sector can take.

Watch the recording here.


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016