The Difference a Factory Training Can Make: Line Managers

Brands with supply chain factories based in China are experiencing all sorts of challenges: 


Results are from our studies on young workers in the electronics industry. 

All these issues affect the factory. While there is a myriad of reasons contributing to the above facts, we have found that equipping line managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the above issues, can positively impact the workforce, the factory management and ultimately, the brand.

From June to July 2015, CCR CSR conducted 30 training sessions at six major electronics factories in China on behalf of a client. The sessions included CCR CSR’s line manager, parent worker and young worker trainings and directly benefited 1,075 workers. All our trainings adapt an interactive, participatory learning approach with fun group activities, case studies, digital and hard-copy learning materials etc.

Let’s take a look at the results from the Line Manager training. Prior to the trainings, we asked participants to fill in a pre-training survey. 

After the training, we once again asked them to give us their feedback to see if the trainings had any effect on them. 

The results on the right speak for themselves. But let’s also see what a participant had to say:

China is changing and factories across the country are struggling to recruit and hold on to loyal, motivated workers. Without some sort of support or incentives, worker recruitment and retention is only going to get more difficult. The above case study is just one small example of how factories can easily show support AND benefit from the results.

And here are the happy line managers!

Line managers learning about conflict resolution during a CCR CSR line manager training. 


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