We are a dynamic team of professionals with expertise in different areas of CSR and children's rights. With offices located in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we have practical experience of right based work in a business context in such places as China, South East Asia, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. The team has numerous years of experience working with governments, civil society actors, academia, the World Bank, UN Institutions and large scale philanthropic projects. 

Ines Kaempfer

Executive Director, CCR CSR Beijing, Hong Kong 

As the Executive Director at CCR CSR Beijing and Hong Kong offices, Ines leads and manages CCR CSR’s business and services across the country, and works in close cooperation with Save family members, partners and clients.

Ines brings in a wealth of  knowledge of supply chain management in the Chinese context from her previous positions as Director of Learning and Impact at Elevate and Director of Assessment and Capacity Building at the Fair Labour Association in Shanghai. She also has a wealth of experience working in the field of child rights abroad, including holding positions at the Fair Labour Association in Geneva. 


Malin Liljert

Director, CCR CSR Beijing

Director at the CCR CSR Beijing Office, Malin is in charge of business and content development including the daily management of the Beijing office. She is an experienced facilitator and performs trainings on child labor prevention and remediation and workshops on how companies can support and implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.  

Malin has close to 20 years of experience from international work in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. Before joining CCR CSR she was working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for four years as the responsible program manager for Norad on CSR, public-private partnership, gender equality and research programs. During her time at ILO HQ in Geneva she carried out training on results-based management for UN staff at the global level and was the main author of the “ILO guide on technical cooperation and labour standards”. Her career started at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, which included postings at the Swedish Embassies in South Africa and Zambia, where she was responsible for private sector development and energy sector reform. Malin has been living in Beijing with her family since 2011. 


Jifang Ma

Director of Services and Products, CCR CSR Beijing

Jifang is the Director of Services and Products at CCR CSR, responsible for overseeing all major projects, training development, audit protocols, child labor remediation programs and overseeing the child labor response program in Myanmar.

Before joining CCR CSR, Jifang worked in different international non-profit organizations for the past 15 years, including the Ford Foundation, Action Aid, Fair Labor Association, International Union Against TB and Lung Disease and Verite. Her major working areas include supply chain management, training & capacity building, industrial relations and labor issue monitoring, gender and women development, poverty alleviation.

Her past experiences with funding, implementation, multi-stakeholders and service providing organizations enabled Jifang to work effectively in maintaining and developing good relations with donors, government partners, grassroots organizations, brands and factories.


Canaria Gaffar

Director of Research, CCR CSR Istanbul

Canaria focuses on research, impact assessment and business development at CCR CSR.
As an independent consultant, she provided research and evaluation services for INGOs, social enterprises and grassroots. Canaria worked as a UN Volunteer, and researched and replicated the successful business model of a Chinese PLHIV organization to grassroots working on HIV/AIDS in four provinces. She also worked with Save the Children UK to advocate for child rights/protection in Xinjiang. She’s experienced in participatory approaches including participatory management, child-led research and participatory workshops/trainings. She’s skilled in impact assessment, policy analysis, problem solving, strategizing and research techniques such as interviews, focus groups, surveys and data analysis. 


Ellen Schliebitz

Communications Manager, CCR CSR Beijing

Ellen develops and implements strategic communications and marketing strategies and provides communications guidance to individuals throughout the organization. Ellen also designs key materials for CCR CSR, including reports, infographics and service leaflets; she oversees CCR CSR's WeChat eLearning platform content and manages all communications-related projects. 

Ellen has spent the majority of her professional career working in the media and non-profit sector in China where she gained fluency in Chinese and an in-depth understanding of China's online media and marketing landscape. 


Terry Au-Yeung Shing Hung

Multi-Media Manager, CCR CSR Hong Kong

As the Multimedia Project Manager, Terry is responsible for developing and managing projects related to website, eLearning, and other multi-media. He is also an experienced trainer who has trained workers, management, and service providers in China, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Before joining CCR CSR, Terry was the Senior Analyst in a consultancy company specialized in CSR. In the past, he was been involved in various projects in improving workers’ working environment, including the development and implementation of a worker-and-management communication training program and Worker PhotoVoice. 

Terry is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Macau studying training interaction. 


Lynn Zhang
Senior Office Manager and Event Co-ordinator, CCR CSR Beijing

As the Senior Office Manager, Lynn is responsible for the management of the CCR CSR Offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and thereby develop and sustain CCR CSR as a professional and effecitvie social enterprise.  Beside this, Lynn is also responsible for the child labour remediation service. 

Prior to joining CCR CSR, Lynn was Associate Consultant at Swedish Trade Council Beijing, providing import & export, and marketing supports for Swedish companies who wanted to purchase/sell from/in China. She also has more than 6 years working experiences in Production Company and Factory. 


Winnie Ding

Senior Technical Advisor, CCR CSR

As CCR CSR’s senior technical advisor, Winnie is responsible for Stora Enso Child Rights & Migrant Worker Management Training and Support Program, as well as supporting other CCR CSR training programs. 

With close to a decade of experience working in HR and six years in CSR and consulting, Winnie’s extensive expertise spans from capacity building and training to CSR assessment and project management. 

Prior to joining CCR CSR, Winnie worked with major international brands and industry organizations to improve the compliance performance and productivity of hundreds of suppliers. An FLA certified trainer, she has helped develop and conduct HR and CSR related trainings for factories, suppliers, brands, and organisations. In addition to her work as a freelance trainer and consultant, Winnie previously held positions at Elevate Shanghai as Senior HR Consultant and at Quanta Group as Trainer & Internal Auditor. 


Wenxun Pan

Technical Advisor, CCR CSR 

As the Technical Advisor, Wenxun works closely with the project and communications team. She is mainly responsible for CCR CSR's WeSupport eLearning platform and WeChat public account management. She also provides technical support for CCR CSR's child labour remediation resource platform Wesupport.org, Questionpro, Litmos and other eLearning, multi-media programs and online tools.

Wenxun currently also supports the implementation of a program in Bangladesh for UNICEF, focusing on excel and QuestionPro implementation, data management and continuous progress updating; and is also supporting CCR CSR's projects in Malaysia and China. 


Ding Lu

Office and Project Manager, CCR CSR Hong Kong

Ding Lu manages and provides strategic support towards on-going projects and impact assessments, including CCR CSR's child labor first response tool development, WeSupport and Summer Child Friendly Spaces. She is also responsible for the management of the CCR CSR office in Hong Kong.

Before joining CCR CSR, Ding Lu worked as project manager in investment consultancy companies and volunteered with Friends of Waldorf Education in Germany, which specializes in supporting independent education and social therapeutic institutions. She is experienced in planning, coordinating and organizing trainings and managing projects. 


Shuiyan Guo

Project Officer, CCR CSR Shenzhen

Shuiyan is responsible for assisting in project implementation at CCR CSR. Before joining CCRCSR, Shuiyan worked at a child development center for left-behind children. She played an important role in implementing several non-profit programs that focused on left-behind children and migrant parents in rural China and factories in the Pearl River Delta. She also did a lot of work on volunteer management and carried out trainings for volunteers. She is experienced in service for left-behind children and migrant workers.


Hsar Moo

Office and Project Manager, CCR CSR Yangon, Myanmar

As Office and Project Manager, Hsar Moo is responsible for the management of the CCRCSR office in Myanmar and supports the implementation of local programs.

Before joining CCRCSR, Hsar Moo was a legal trainer, working with law teachers from Myanmar University. She has also worked with UN partners and legal support partners. Hsar Moo has eight years of experience working with INGOs including developing material for trainings as well as conducting trainings and awareness sessions on child rights and child protection. She is eager to learn and interested in working in the field of child development.


Juanna Than

Project Assistant, CCR CSR Yangon, Myanmar

Juanna is currently working as project assistant at CCR CSR to support the implementation of the Supplier’s Child Labor Response Action Project in Myanmar, including situation analysis, legal background searching, trainings, monitoring and evaluation, and relation building with local services providers and participating factories.

Before joining CCR CSR, Juanna worked as Customer Service Coordinator in Thabaung Area Development Programme and Hmawbi Area Development Programme, World Vision which specializes in customer service and child protection. She is experienced in planning, budgeting, organizing, coordination and organizing training for child development projects. She earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at the Myanmar Institute of Theology and a Bachelor degree from University of Distance Education, Dagon.


Lam Nguyen

Senior Technical Advisor, CCR CSR Vietnam

As the Senior Technical Advisor in Vietnam, Lam Nguyen is responsible for the management of local programs in consultation with the CCR CSR global team.

Lam Nguyen has extensive experience of over 15 years in responsible supply chain assessment and management. Prior to joining CCR CSR, he worked as Social & Environmental Responsibility Field Manager for US brand Patagonia. Before that he worked on a number of projects for the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). He started to engage with the child labour field in 2002 as a CSR auditor for US auditing firm CSCC.

Mr. Nguyen received a Master of Business Administration degree from AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012.


Qu Zheng

Services and Project Manager, CCR CSR Shenzhen

As the Service & Project Manager, Qu is responsible for project implementation and service provision to CCR CSR clients, maintaining local presence, assuring project implementation, delivering & organizing trainings, conducting and supporting research work and performing networking with key stakeholders of CCR CSR.

Prior to joining CCR CSR, Qu worked for local and international NGO/NPOs for almost 6 years, including Teach For China, Habitat For Humanity and Adream.